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Navigating Your Dashboard
Navigating Your Dashboard
Updated over a week ago

First Login Experience

Upon your initial login after purchasing a challenge, your statistics dashboard welcomes you. This dashboard showcases:

  • Best and worst trades

  • Average wins and losses

  • Trade count, contracts, and win rate

  • Profit factors, net profit/loss, and target profit

  • Current equity and time until the End of Day (EOD) drawdown reset

These metrics refresh at the EOD reset, giving you a fresh perspective on your trading performance every day. Encounter any dashboard issues? Raise a ticket on our website.

Dashboard Navigation

Your dashboard's left panel houses a suite of features:

  • Stats: Dive deep into your trading metrics and monitor your growth.

  • Affiliate Program: Earn by introducing fellow traders to MFFU.

  • Billing: A one-stop for all your payment and billing needs.

  • Accounts: Oversee your trading accounts and their statuses.

  • Payouts: Request and track your earnings effortlessly.

  • Certificates: Celebrate your milestones with downloadable certificates.

  • Downloads: Get your hands on crucial trading platforms and tools.

  • Personal Settings: Customize your dashboard for a personalized touch.

  • Start Challenge: Kickstart your evaluation and embark on your trading adventure.

Navigate with ease and make the most of your MFFU experience!

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