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Fair Play and Prohibited Trading Practices
Fair Play and Prohibited Trading Practices

Prohibited Trading Practices

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The simulated market, while a robust and close approximation of live trading conditions, isn’t without its disparities. At MyFundedFutures (MFFU), we recognize the challenges this presents to our platform, our funding partners, and most importantly, our traders. Ensuring a fair, transparent, and equitable trading environment is paramount to us, and as such, we've established policies to safeguard against practices that exploit the simulated environment or misalign with ethical trading.

Understanding the Simulated Market Challenges

Certain trading strategies may exploit the simulated fill algorithm, performing well in the evaluation phase but inevitably resulting in losses when transitioned to live markets. A small subset of traders, either inadvertently or with the intent to manipulate the system, engage in these strategies, which are strictly prohibited at MFFU.

Section 1: Automated Trading Protocols

In the realm of automated trading, MFFU enforces stringent guidelines to maintain a fair and transparent trading environment:

● Automated Scalping: The platform restricts the use of automated systems designed for ultra-high-frequency scalping, particularly those resulting in over 200 trades per day.

● Automated Tools: The use of AI, bots, and other automated trading mechanisms is strictly prohibited across all account types.

● Semi-Automated Trading: This is permissible under the condition that traders actively monitor, manually manage, and understand the system and semi-automation's purpose.

● Automated Behavior: Any form of hands-off, continuous day and night trading, or any other type of full automation is strictly forbidden.

Section 2: Order Management and Market Conduct

MFFU emphasizes ethical trading practices and order management to ensure a stable and reliable trading environment:

● Order Placement: Simultaneously placing multiple limit orders at the same price to manipulate order fills is prohibited.

● Gapped or Illiquid Market Trading: Initiating trades to profit from isolated fills in these markets is not allowed.

● Slippage and Bracket Usage: Exploiting the absence of slippage and utilizing tight brackets to gain from favorable fills are not permitted.

● Tier 1 Economic Data Trading: Engaging in trades during tier 1 economic data releases is restricted.

● Compliance with CME Group Rules: All trading activities must adhere to CME Group's rules and regulations.

● Collaborative Trading: Collaborating with others to execute identical or opposite strategies across unconnected accounts is prohibited.

Section 3: Termination Policies and Violation Consequences

MFFU holds the right to enforce strict consequences in the event of policy violation:

● Termination: MFFU reserves the right to terminate agreements immediately in the event of any breach by the trader.

● Profit Confiscation: Profits generated from prohibited trading practices will be confiscated.

● Evaluation Review: All passed evaluations are subject to review, and traders found guilty of policy ignorance or abuse will not be funded and may not be eligible for refunds.

Commitment to Ethical and Fair Trading

At MFFU, we deeply value your adherence to these guidelines as we collectively navigate towards a prosperous trading future. Our policies are crafted to protect traders and the firm, ensuring a viable and supportive platform for authentic trading skill development. We encourage all our traders to trade ethically, respecting the guidelines and the platform, to create a sustainable and profitable trading environment for all.

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