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News Trading Policy

News trading

Updated over a week ago

Scope of the Policy

Applicability: Exclusively for Sim Funded Traders.

Non-Applicability: Does not apply during evaluations.

Prohibited News Trading Activities

Engage in your trading activities mindfully, especially during news releases. The following activities are strictly prohibited:

● Utilizing strategies that exploit immediate news bursts, such as straddles or strangles.

● Masking news trades as standard strategies.

These prohibitions are in effect for all news releases.

Standard Trading Protocols

Maintain the integrity of your trading by:

● Sticking to your regular trading system during news intervals.

● Initiating trades based on standard entry rules.

● Ensuring no open positions or orders are active in the order book 2 minutes before and after any data release.

These protocols apply to all news releases.

Tier 1 Data: Special Considerations

Ensure utmost caution by adhering to the following during Tier 1 Data Releases:

● No positions or orders (including limit orders) can be open 2 minutes before and after the release.

Tier 1 News Includes:

For All Traders: FOMC Meetings, FOMC Minutes, Employment Report, CPI

For Energy Traders: EIA

For Agricultural Traders: Agricultural Reports

Trading During Other News Releases

While the Prohibited News Trading Activities and Standard Trading Protocols apply, you may trade through other news releases if it aligns with your regular trading strategy. However, be mindful that data issues or disruptions with Rithmic/Tradovate can occur during news events, and MFFU is not liable for any issues that arise should you choose to trade during these times.

A Firm Stance for Fair Trading

This policy is steadfast and implemented to shield both our traders and the firm. As News Trading is not simulated 1:1 with live markets, it is not allowed. Your understanding and adherence to this policy contribute to a fair and stable trading environment for all.

Thank you for being a valued member of the MyFundedFutures trading community.

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