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Minimum Trading Days

Minimum trading days

Updated over a week ago

At MyFundedFutures, we have established a minimum requirement for trading days, ensuring that traders actively participate in the market and engage in trading activities. The minimum trading days for each account type and phase is set at 1 day. Here's a more detailed description:

1. Account Types: We offer different account types tailored to meet the varying needs and goals of traders. Regardless of the account type chosen, all traders are expected to meet the minimum trading day requirement.

2. Phases: Our trading programs consist of different phases designed to assess and evaluate a trader's performance over time. Whether traders are in the evaluation phase, trial phase, or funded phase, the minimum trading day requirement remains consistent.

3. Minimum Trading Days: To ensure active participation and commitment to the trading process, we have set the minimum requirement at 1 trading day. This means that traders must engage in at least one day of trading activity within their account to fulfill this requirement.

By establishing a minimum trading day requirement, we aim to encourage traders to actively analyze the markets, execute trades, and demonstrate their trading skills. This requirement also provides an opportunity for traders to track their progress, evaluate their strategies, and make necessary adjustments to optimize their trading performance.

Please note that while the minimum trading day requirement is set at 1 day, we encourage traders to engage in consistent trading activities beyond the minimum requirement to gain valuable experience, refine their strategies, and increase their chances of meeting performance targets.

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