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Rithmic FAQ/Login

Rithmic Login, R|Trader Pro

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How to Login to R|Trader Pro

Here are the step-by-step instructions to login to R|Trader Pro:

Step 1: Open R|Trader Pro

Launch the R|Trader Pro application on your computer. You should have already installed it from MyFundedFutures or the Rithmic


Step 2: Select Rithmic Paper Trading System

On the R|Trader Pro login screen, locate the "System" dropdown menu.

Click on the dropdown menu, and from the list of available systems, select "Rithmic Paper Trading." This is the system you want to use.

Step 3: Choose Chicago Area Gateway

Below the "System" dropdown menu, you will find the "Gateway" dropdown menu.

Click on the "Gateway" dropdown menu and choose "Chicago Area" from the list of available gateways. This selection is importantas it determines the data and routing location for your trading.

Step 4: Enter Your Credentials

Now, enter your login credentials. This includes your username and password, which you should have received from

MyFundedFutures during your account setup.

If on a trusted computer, you can select ‘Remember Me’ on the top right.

Step 5: Login

After entering your credentials, click the "Login" button.

Please note that it's important to keep your login credentials secure and only use them on trusted devices. Also, ensure that you have an active account with MyFundedFutures to access the R|Trader Pro platform. If you encounter any issues during the login process, please open a ticket on our website’s live chat.

Using a charting platform alongside R|Trader Pro

Many traders enjoy using their own charting platform (such as TradingView) alongside R|Trader Pro – whether it's due to thecharting platform's customization or quality of life features.

We’re here to guide you on how to utilize your favorite trading platform while using R|Trader Pro.

In this example, we will be utilizing TradingView as our charting platform of choice.

Step 1: Establish Your Risk

1a. Here you will be preparing for your trade. Place your long/short position tool on your chart.

1b. Adjust it to where you intend to enter, your stop loss, and your take profit. In this scenario, I’m setting up a limit order to short

1c. Then left click on your tool twice to open the settings. Here you just need to worry about adjusting the Account Size, Lot Size and Risk ($/%)

Account Size – Your current margin on your account

Lot Size – Make the Lot Size “1”

Risk – Enter your preferred risk for the trade

After you complete this, you can head over to the bottom left and click Template and ‘Save As’ so that you can use this account size template in the future.

For example, if you’d like to have 2 different templates, one for risking 0.5% and one for risking 1%, you could adjust the risk accordingly and save a template for each.

1d. (Optional) If you’d like to, you can also enable it so that the stats always appear instead of just when you hover or click on it. To do this, simply go to the Style tab and enable “Always show stats”

1e. Once you’ve completed this, you can now go back to your chart and view the statistics for your risk.

As you can see through the graphic below, you can view your Contract Size, the ticks for your Stop Loss and the ticks for yourTake Profit. This will be essentially all you’ll need for your trade.

Now we’ve established our risk:

- Our contract size is 20 (the current chart is Micro NQ, hence the quantity of contracts)

- Our Stop Loss is 49 ticks

- And our Take Profit is 98 ticks

2. Entering the Trade

The benefit of trading on R|Trader Pro is that your trades are going straight to the data feed, meaning the trade execution is much faster than if you were to be trading directly on TradingView with Tradovate for example, as there is a slight lag if entering your tradewith a market order.

Now let’s get into how we’ll execute our trade on R|Trader Pro.

2a. Login to R|Trader Pro

If you aren’t familiar with how to initially log into R|Trader Pro, we have a guide for that. Please visit the appropriate FAQ for logginginto R|Trader Pro.

2b. Open the ‘Trade’ drop down menu at the top left

2c. Click on ‘Place Order’

2d. Fill out your trade information

Here you will:

- Click on the dropdown on Account to select the correct account

- Select the Exchange (CME for ES, NQ, YM)

- Adjust it to Buy or Sell according to if you’re going Long or Short

- Change Qty (Quantity) to however many contracts were advised to enter via your charting platform

- Enter the Symbol of your choice (confirm you have the correct symbol by referring to the Symbol stated on the right hand side of the window)

- Adjust the Price Type to either Market or Limit (add the desired Entry price at Limit price if entering with Limit order)

- Once complete, click “Show more options” and proceed to the next step

2e. After clicking “Show more options” follow these steps:

- Check the “Bracket” box

- Click on either the drop down if you already have templates, or Config to create a template

2f. Fill out the Template

- Enter your Template Name if using a common Risk management parameter

- Ensure that “Both” is checked on Bracket Type

- Fill out the Target Ticks and Target Qty

- Fill out the Stop Ticks and Stop Qty

- If you’d like to take partials at a certain level, go back to your trading platform and find out how many ticks your partial level is at

- you can use a lesser amount for the Qty and then complete it with your final take profit

- Optional – You can also click “Show more options” to see the additional features on R|Trader Pro.One that stands out as a great feature is being able to move your Stop Loss to your Entry Price (Break Even) after the desired amount of ticks of profit has been achieved.

Click Save to save your template and then Close

2f. Select your bracket template via the drop-down menu

You’re now done! You can press “Place Order” on the bottom right when you’re ready to execute your trade.

3. Viewing your Profit and Loss (PNL)

Once you’ve entered your trade, you can select “Positions” from the main menu, or alternatively, click “File” and then “Positions”

In this case, my position is already closed, so it may look slightly different than yours.

But here is where you’ll get to view your Unrealized Profit/Loss, Realized Profit/Loss, Account Balance, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the Discord: or speak to a Live Agent via our

live chat for more assistance

R|Trader Pro App / Web Platform FAQ

Can I trade with Rithmic Trader Pro™ on mobile or web?

Yes! R|Trader Pro is available on your mobile app store under Rithmic Trader Pro™ or the web platform:

Here is the app you’ll want to look for in your respective app store.

Be aware the amount of reviews seen will differ depending on: operating system (iOS or Android), date viewing this article,and country of origin.

How do I login to the Rithmic Trader Pro™ app / web platform?

1. If on mobile, download the Rithmic Trader Pro™ app from your respective app store as explained in the steps above. If on web, visit the following link:

2. Fill in your login information, which can be found on your MyFundedFutures dashboard.

3. Change the server and gateway to the following:

- Rithmic Paper Trading

- Chicago Area

4. Once completed, you can click Sign In and complete your login process.

How do I add symbols to the Rithmic Trader Pro™ app / web platform?

To add your symbols of choice to Rithmic Trader Pro™, you will need to do the following:

Internal Use

How do I add symbols to the Rithmic Trader Pro™ app / web platform?

To add your symbols of choice to Rithmic Trader Pro™, you will need to do the following:

1. Click the + Symbol to add a symbol

2. Type out your symbol. The way to add symbols to the Rithmic Trader Pro™ app is to type it out in a ‘ form.

You can use the Exchange & Product Offered graphic below for reference

3. For example, if we want to add Micro Nasdaq (MNQ) which is offered by CME that would be MNQ.CME for the

continuous contract. If you know what the front contract is currently, you can add that as well.

For example, at the time of this article, we are in December 2023 contract, therefore for the Micro Nasdaq front contract,

it’d be MNQZ3.CME - essentially ‘’

How do I trade on the Rithmic Trader Pro™ app / web platform?

1. First things first, make sure you have your symbol pulled up using the How do I add symbols to the Rithmic Trader

Pro™ app / web platform? guide.

2. Once you have your symbol pulled up on your dashboard, click ‘Buy’ to long or ‘Sell’ to short.

3. Select your entry method. Below you can see what each button means.

4. Change the quantity of contracts and then once you’re ready to change the stop loss and take profit, head over to the

brackets button on the bottom right.

5. Enable the Bracket Target for a Take Profit and Bracket Stop for Stop Loss and change the ticks to the amount of ticks

desired. If you’re unsure how to figure out your ticks, review the Using a charting platform alongside R|Trader Pro

6. Once ready, you can click ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ depending on your order type and you are good to go!

7. Your Profit/Loss will show up on your dashboard.

8. If you’d like to cancel all pending orders and flatten position (this closes all your positions), you can press the icon next tothe Profit/Loss that looks like a briefcase.

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