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Static 30k Account FAQ
Static 30k Account FAQ
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to MyFundedFutures

Welcome to the premier trading evaluation in the industry, exclusively available on MyFundedFutures. The 30K Static Account is designed to provide traders with the flexibility of a static drawdown that never changes, along with the ability to take full payouts after 60 days from the account, excluding $1, without losing the account. This unique offering is tailored for our valued traders.

Types of Accounts in the 30K Static Evaluation Plan

  1. 30K Static Evaluation Pro Account

  2. 30K Static Evaluation Standard Account

The 30K Static Pro Version

We are thrilled to announce the new 30K Static Pro version of the evaluation. Traders will have the ability to maintain a maximum static drawdown of $2500, providing greater confidence during the evaluation and Sim Funded stages.

The profit target for the 30K Static Pro account is set at $4200, achievable with a maximum of 2 mini contracts and 20 micro contracts. Consistent with all Static accounts, there is no consistency rule in the Sim Funded stages. However, there is a $2500 withdrawal cap for the first 60 days, and traders will be eligible to take a payout every 14 calendar days.

The 30K Static Standard Account

We have also enhanced the Standard Static Account. The profit target is now $2500, and the static drawdown is set at $1500. These changes ensure that traders are not limited by an end-of-day drawdown at any time. Additionally, we have reduced the maximum contracts to 1 mini and 10 micros.

The adjustments are designed to facilitate traders' successful completion of the evaluation and transition to the live account. By limiting the contract size, we are confident that traders will exercise prudent risk management and generate consistent profits.

As with all Static accounts, there is no consistency rule in the Sim Funded stages. There is a $1500 withdrawal cap for the first 60 days, and traders will be eligible to take a payout every 14 calendar days.

Why Choose the Static Account?

The best growth factor in the industry. Once you gain the buffer by trading small, you'll unlock the potential for compounding. With the drawdown staying static, you'll have more opportunities to remain in the market without worrying about the trailing drawdown that typically occurs when you start the account.

Keeping Payouts in Your Pocket

We have created Static Accounts for traders transitioning to the Sim Funded accounts. When you move to the Sim Funded status, you don't need to worry about the buffer and any form of consistency rules. You can trade $1000 for 14 calendar days and then be eligible to take a payout.

Features of our 30K Static Account

  • No Consistency Rules: We have removed the consistency rules for payouts like the Express Accounts, allowing traders the freedom to trade with the allowed lot size when their setup forms.

  • No Payout Restrictions After 60 Days: For the first 60 days with Static Accounts, you'll have a payout cap on both the Pro and Standard Account for the 14-day calendar period. After that, you'll have the full ability to trade the account and withdraw the full amount by leaving only $1.

  • No Activation Fees: There is no activation fee for the Static Accounts. Once you pass the account, after our funding team reviews your account, you'll be able to trade the account.

30K Static Account Pro and Standard - Full Feature Explanation


30K Static Pro

30K Static Standard

Profit Target



Drawdown (Static)



No. of Contracts

2 minis / 20 micros

1 mini / 10 micros


$2500 every 14 days after 60-day cap removed

$1500 every 14 days after 60-day cap removed

Activation Fees



Percentage of Profit to Drawdown

8% DD / 14% Profit Target

5% DD / 8% Profit Target




Permitted Products and Trading Times

You can trade the same products with the same times as all other accounts in our program.

Explanation of Drawdown




Maximum Drawdown

Account Balance





















From the above tabulation, you can see the potential of the trading conditions that the Static Account offers. Once you gain momentum, you'll be rewarded. However, when you experience drawdowns, they won't be overwhelming, and you can effectively manage your risk during challenging days.

Customer Support

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer support team.

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