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Tradovate Login

Tradovate FAQ Login

Updated over a week ago

How to login to Tradovate If this is your first Tradovate account, you will need to visit and log in with your MyFundedFutures credentials to sign the agreement.

1. Visit 2. Click Login on top right

3. Enter your login details (which can be found on your MFFU dashboard)

4. Sign the Tradovate agreement

5. Click Continue below ‘Simulation

6. You’re now logged in and ready to trade on the Tradovate platform! Make sure you select the correct accountto trade on if you purchased multiple evaluations.

How to enable TradingView trading with Tradovate

If it’s your first time logging in, you will need to enable TradingView as an add-on or you will receive an error when

logging in.

To enable TradingView:

1. Login to per the steps in the “How to login to Tradovate” guide

2. On the top right of your dashboard, click the Application Settings button.

3. You’ll now be in the Application settings. Select “Add-Ons”

4. Click Activate on the TradingView option.

5. You should see TradingView now greyed out with ‘Activated’ next to it and a pop-up stating it was successfully processed.

6. You can now login to TradingView with Tradovate. Open your TradingView and go to the Trading Panel at the bottom of your window.

7. Select ‘Tradovate’

8. Enter your login details, which can be found in your MyFundedFutures dashboard. Ensure you are on the ‘Demo’ tab and enable “Don’t remember me” if you are on a public computer.

9. Click Connect.

a. If you receive an error that TradingView is not enabled, please go back to Step 1 and start over. If that doesn’t work, open a support ticket on our website.

10. If you left “Don’t remember me” unchecked, and are on the Desktop version of TradingView, you may be prompted to save the credentials.

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