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Getting the Most Out of MyFundedFutures Support
Getting the Most Out of MyFundedFutures Support
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Reaching Out to Support At MyFundedFutures, we've streamlined our support channels to ensure you get the help you need without any fuss.

  1. Live Chat: Located at the bottom right of the MFFU website, this is your go-to for immediate account-related concerns.

  2. Discord Community: Perfect for broader questions about trading, platform usage, or just to engage with fellow traders.

Optimizing Your Support Experience To ensure you get the most accurate and timely help:

  • Use the Live Chat for account-specific issues like billing or access problems. Our team is primed to tackle these queries here.

  • Head to Discord for trading plan advice, platform queries, or general futures trading questions. Plus, it's a great space to join in on community chats.

Directing your questions to the right place means faster, more relevant answers.

Self-Help Resources Beyond our direct support, we've curated a range of resources for the proactive trader:

  • Intercom FAQ Help Desk: A treasure trove of frequently asked questions. Before reaching out, give this a glance. Your answer might just be a click away.

Remember, at MyFundedFutures, our goal is to arm you with the tools and support you need to thrive in your trading journey.

How to Reach Support Accessing support at MyFundedFutures is a straightforward process designed to provide traders with the assistance they need promptly.

You have two primary avenues to reach our dedicated support team: the live chat feature conveniently located at the bottom right of the MFFU website and our active Discord community.

The live chat option is ideal for addressing account-related issues efficiently.

On the other hand, our Discord platform is an excellent choice for questions related to your trading plan, platform usage, general inquiries about futures trading, and engaging in valuable community discussions.

Maximizing Support Interaction To make the most of your support interaction, it's essential to ensure you are reaching out to the appropriate channel for your specific needs.

When using the live chat on our website, focus on resolving account-related concerns. This ensures that our support team can efficiently assist you with issues such as billing, account access, or other account-specific matters.

Conversely, our Discord community is a versatile platform where you can ask questions related to your trading plan, inquire about platform functionalities, seek general guidance on futures trading, and actively participate in community discussions.

By directing your queries to the appropriate support channel, you can receive more targeted and efficient assistance.

Additional Help Resources In addition to our direct support channels, MyFundedFutures offers a wealth of additional resources to aid traders in their journey.

Our Intercom FAQ Help Desk serves as a valuable repository of frequently asked questions and comprehensive answers, making it an excellent self-service resource for troubleshooting common issues and gaining insights into various aspects of trading with us.

This resource can provide quick solutions to many inquiries, saving you time and ensuring you have access to relevant information when you need it most.

MyFundedFutures is committed to providing comprehensive support and resources to empower traders on their path to success.

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