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MyFundedFutures Affiliate Program
MyFundedFutures Affiliate Program
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What is the MyFundedFutures Affiliate Program?

The MyFundedFutures Affiliate Program allows affiliates to earn 12% commission on evaluation and reset fees from traders referred via their unique affiliate link or code. Affiliates can promote MyFundedFutures through their website, email lists, social media, and other marketing channels.

Who can become an affiliate?

The program is open to any individual or company involved in the prop trading industry. This includes funded account reviewers, trading educators, blogs, forums, and other related sites. Affiliates can sign up via the MyFundedFutures dashboard.

What are the commission rates?

Affiliates earn 12% commission on the evaluation fee and any reset fees from your referrals. Commissions are paid monthly based on actual fees collected by MyFundedFutures. There is a $100 minimum payout.

What can affiliates promote?

Affiliates can promote the MyFundedFutures trader funding program and platform. This includes information on account types, fees, trading parameters, platform features, and funding limits. Content must accurately represent MyFundedFutures offerings.

What marketing methods are allowed?

Affiliates can promote via written content, banner ads, email, social media posts, YouTube, podcasts, and other digital marketing channels.

Which marketing methods are not allowed?

Paid advertising and pay-per-click ads are strictly prohibited by the MyFundedFutures Affiliate Program. This includes, but is not limited to, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, native advertising, paid endorsements, and any other paid promotions. Spam and/or illegal marketing is also strictly prohibited. Affiliates may not refer members residing in the same household.

MyFundedFutures affiliates must practice ethical marketing, provide accurate information, and avoid misleading or fraudulent activities. Any deception, misrepresentation, or manipulation will result in immediate termination and loss of commissions. All promotional content must be clear, honest, and compliant with our guidelines.

When are commissions paid?

Payout requests for affiliates are approved on the last Friday of each month and paid via Riseworks. There is a $100 monthly minimum payout. Taxes are the sole responsibility of the affiliate.

What are the reasons for termination?

MyFundedFutures may terminate any affiliate for promotional violations, fraudulent activities, or other reasons deemed detrimental to the program. Upon termination, all rights and access will be revoked. Any pending commissions will be forfeited.
MyFundedFutures reserves the right to audit affiliate activity and ask for more information on how the affiliate is promoting their code/link. The relationship may be terminated if the information is not provided or the information provided is deemed inaccurate.

These terms are subject to change by MyFundedFutures at any time. Please contact us with any affiliate program questions at [email protected]

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